30 Days of Happiness Challenge

Published on
June 7, 2021

30 Days Of Happiness Challenge

Happiness is the most pursued concept today. It is the reason we seek wealth, knowledge, relationships, and even good health, to be happy. There are many stories in our literature that highlight the concept of the worthlessness of material objects if they fail to provide this abstract feeling. Wealth, health and relationships become meaningless without happiness. Happiness is the most sought after, and yet it does not have one final definition. Every person has their own definition of happiness, even if it does not have words yet. We do wish you find the words to put into your definition of happiness, but above all, it is important to just be happy. What have you done for your happiness today? Here are 30 ways for 30 days of happiness that can eventually lead to a happy life.

Day 1: Start a Gratitude Journal

Practice gratitude. It's difficult yet powerful enough. You can't delve into the habit of practising gratitude unless you train your mind to get a hang of it every day. So, here's why we are going to start our '30 Days Happiness' regime by starting a gratitude journal.

  • Every day, before you go to bed, take a pause.
  • Sit and pick up your journal.
  • Think of all the good things which happened to you throughout the day.
  • This could be as small as you relished your meal on time.
  • Jot them all down.
  • If you don't like to write, start by writing 2-3 points per day.

Start it and I guarantee you, from the first day itself, you will have that smile on your face while writing that small good thing down. The tricky part in this, which I used to encounter the most is, when I sit down to write, my brain takes me back to the negative points more than the positive points. But trust me, this is what we need to encounter and realize that good things also happen during the day. By slowly practising the same, you will overcome this.

Day 2: Treat Yourself to Something Sweet

Well, the month of 'Saavan' is near its end, you can still enjoy yourself with something sweet for another 2-3 days left to enjoy in the month. Sugar Rush is another level of happiness. 'Kheer' and 'Mal Pude' are something very common during the season at our place. I do not have a sweet tooth, I don't like sweets much, so I end up treating myself with extra dark chocolate.

Day 3: Stargaze

One thing that COVID has given us positively in the initial lockdown days is better air to breathe in. With all the globalization happening at a rapid pace, we couldn't find time in our busy lives to stop and take a look at little things which give us happiness.

With the pollution-free fresh air around, you can now easily see clear sky, listen to chirping birds, recognize and appreciate the greenery and feel the joy and calmness in nature's lap.

One of the best things is 'Stargazing'. The weather is moderate nowadays. Take a sneak peek at the sky during nightly hours. Take your cot out on the terrace and sleep in the open air with all the stars wishing you good night with their twinkling.

This little feeling of joy filled in your heart due to stargazing would stay with you for long and your mornings would be fresh! Try it.

Day 4: Wear Your Favorite Clothes

This one is my super favourite. No matter if you're a kid or an elderly one, one thing that makes you feel good is wearing your favourite clothes. Image Consultant or not, this is very basic and we all can agree to it.

Our favourite clothes are the ones that fit and flatter our body silhouette and serve our body image as well as self-image perfectly fine. Your favourite clothes portray how we see ourselves to other people and as much as people get the cues from our clothing, they also respond to you with equal intensity of merriness.

So, today, get back to your wardrobe and bring out your favourite pair of jeans/trousers, shift dress, shirt, blouse, cardigans, whatever is your favourite and you would like to wear at the moment. Today, your birthday or not, you get to wear your favourite clothes. Yayy!!

Day 5: Watch A Funny YouTube Video

Well, you don't have to go for a funny one only. You can watch a short story which will give you happiness. It's just about choosing the content you really want to feed to your subconscious mind.

Whenever I am not feeling good, or when I am not able to sleep, I go for short stories as I love stories. Those stories give me inner happiness. A feeling of joy, merriness. I learn something out of them. I enjoy the lead character and be a part of his/her life.

For comedians, I do love a couple of stand-ups too. Such as Abhishek Upmanyu (Delhi vs Mumbai), one of my favourites. 

Day 6: Put Your Favorite Photo in a Frame

One another little thing that can bring a smile to your face is feeling your favourite photo alive in your hands. As they say, pictures are not about creating a moment but capturing a moment.

So, bring in your favourite moment alive by putting that in a frame, post that in front of your eyes and every time you see it, you would feel that gush of happiness inside along with a trail of memories preceding or following the moment.

Day 7: Learn to Cook a New Dish

What can be more beautiful than having your favourite dish whenever you want. For that, you need to learn how to cook it and then, you won't be dependent on anyone to have it whenever you crave it.

If you already know cooking your fav dish, as I do, then learn to cook a new dish. A new dish that you can serve to people, that you can add to your skill-set, and that can savour your cravings. The process of cooking in itself would make you feel happier and the rewards afterward are tremendous (only if you have someone to do the dishes *wink*).

Day 8: Rearrange Your Furniture

Well, does this seem a little odd? Rearranging the furniture would bring happiness? That's tricky but true! Here's how this works.

If you're not feeling good, it means the situation is not under your control. So, if the situation is not under your control, then you can at least control the location of your furniture articles. Organize them. Bring some interesting elements in your room/house to bring a change in your environment.

When you see your outside elements differently, you will see your problems differently and clearing the clutter around would help clear your mind.

So, get up and rearrange your furniture. Bring an element of happiness around, which would work internally as well. 

Day 9: Listen to the Radio

Oh, this one is simple but amazing. Let's travel back in time when there was no youtube, pc, laptops or google. Your radio or transistors were your only mode of entertainment. As my paternal uncle once called it, "redua (re-doo-aa)" and mentioned that that's how these were pronounced in their local language.

Well enough of history. Let me tell you what to do with a radio to be happy and how it is effective.

You probably don't have the same radio which our parents used in their times. But you can have an app on your phone which connects you to your local radio. Tune in to a couple of channels and then listen to the one which appeals the most to you.

While listening to the radio, close your eyes. Let all other senses rest. Simply listen. You will learn how the radio people make you feel everything through your auditory senses.

Once you're done listening to the radio for half an hour or one hour, come back to normal life and notice the difference. Notice how refreshing it feels.

Day 10: Take a Bath

When was the last time you bathed? For me, it was probably last week, I took a bath. Am I delusional? or forget it, I don't remember my last time!

Just kidding. I take a bath regularly except for the times when I am not well.

This post is not about a hygiene session here that you should bathe regularly. But it's about your shower time. If you feel you're not in a good mood, then the best of all to have a change of mood and some feeling of merriness is to go for a shower.

Your bathroom is a private space. It's smaller in size in comparison to the rest of the places in the house. These closely spaced walls not only help you think through but also help you clear the clutter in your mind.

Remember, we say, that the best of ideas originate during showers! So, that's what I am discussing here. Take out some personal shower time, enjoy decluttering and cleaning your body and mind, and come back with a happier YOU.

Day 11: Surprise Someone You Love With a Gift

Today, surprise someone you love with a gift. Nobody minds a good surprise gift full of love. It's an inner joy to see someone you love happier with surprises you made possible for them.

Today is a special day for my family and I am sure in a while, they will get a surprise gift too. And trust me, the whole feeling of surprising them is enriching me with lots and lots of dopamine inside and I am just waiting for their phone call to tell me when it's arrived. A video call instead as I would love to see their happy faces, and that's another level of happiness.

Day 12: Play a Board Game

Well, back to basics again. A board game is way beyond PUB-G or any such game. A board game brings you closer to your family and helps you enjoy the present moment, the real moment! And in this virtual life, we need more real moments to be really happy.

I really wait till the end of the day to play a board game with my parents and that is the most joyful time of the day with all the bantering around casual stuff, winning and losing! And I am sure, they also look forward to the hour. It's a mutual feeling, real happiness that will not only bring us together but also brings us happy together.

Day 13: Watch the Sunset

If you’re not feeling good about anything, just go to the terrace or a nearby place where you can sit and watch the sun setting far away below the horizon. This feels more like a meditation where you’re trying to focus on something other than the negative parts of your day or life. Also, the twilight is quite a peaceful scene. It makes you feel serene.

I just love to go to the beach and sit for long all by myself. How about you?

Day 14: Take a Day Off Work

Burning out due to work is a very common phenomenon these days. If you’re not yet there, you’re a lucky chap. Before you burn out completely, take a day off work without any reason. Try to keep your emails or phone calls miles away from yourself. Enjoy your personal life. Leverage the 24 hours you would get completely for yourself. Pamper yourself. Appreciate what you have because of your hard work and your job. Appreciate everything in your life. Feel gratitude.

Day 15: Watch Your Favorite Movie

Today is the day when you watch what you love. It’s not your mother’s choice or your father’s choice, neither your brother’s or sisters’ choice. Neither your spouse’s choice nor your loved one’s choice. It’s completely yours and your choice. Pick up a movie, which you have been wanting to watch or a movie that you can watch over and over. I am still in love with High School Musical and I have recently watched that movie all by myself. 

Day 16: Give Yourself a Makeover

This is not only for females. But males too! And trust me, this is one wonderful way of igniting that spark of happiness in ourselves. Makeovers not only change your outer look but your outlook towards various perspectives. As I always say, your clothes and makeover don’t just work inside out but outside in too!! Go ahead, give yourself a makeover today because it’s time to feel good.

Day 17: Take a Dance Class

Dance is a form of expression. Though I am an awful dancer, I would love to express my feelings through body language. It makes me feel better from within. If you’re feeling a bit awful, try to take a dance class. Even if you don’t get rid of your bad feelings, you would end up learning a new skill.

Day 18: Sing in the Shower

Which is your favourite song to sing in the bathroom? Don’t forget to share the joy you found within yourself when you sing in the shower. So today, sing as if no one is listening to you. Sing as if you’re the best. This won’t only help you feel better, but fill your heart with merriness.

Day 19: Post one of Your Old Photos

If your presentation is not good, going back to the happy memories of your past always helps. Today, check out your favourite memories, bunch out a couple of pictures and post them. It would help you feel that life is a roller coaster ride. You have had good days and you have bad days. The beauty of time is “no matter good or bad, it passes away.”

Day 20: Read a Magazine

Reading is fun, for quite a few. It’s fun for me. Probably, it’s not fun for you. Don’t worry. I am sure you would enjoy pictures more than reading. So, today, pick up a magazine of your interest. Get to know the latest trends. Even if you’re not reading a magazine, you can skim through various sections and learn something new and valuable.

Day 21: Water the Plants

Do you know that plants talk to you? They also need a haircut! Oh, they can catch diseases and need some medicine too, at times. They feel cold and warm. They are as alive as we are.

Today, water the plants, feel their liveliness. Talk to them. Taking care of life would fill your heart with joy and liveliness. Nothing can feel more beautiful for the moment.

Do you know that plants talk to you? They also need a haircut! Oh, they can catch diseases and need some medicine too, at times. They feel cold and warm. They are as alive as we are.

Today, water the plants, feel their liveliness. Talk to them. Taking care of life would fill your heart with joy and liveliness. Nothing can feel more beautiful for the moment.

Day 22: Bake a Cake

Again, a little sugar adds sweetness to our lives. If you already know how to bake a cake, then go ahead, mix a couple of ingredients, pour some love into it and serve your family and friends with some love-filled moist sweetness in the form of cake.

If you don’t know how to bake a cake, then what can be better than learning something new, especially something that’s sugary sweet. Tickle your sweet tooth a little with a celebratory cake. Remember, the cake itself signifies celebrations!!

Day 23: Call an Old Friend

Our life works in different stages. At each stage of our lives, we meet new people and make their acquaintance. However, old is gold. When everything feels monotonous and you don’t know how to come out of that monotony, just take a moment to call an old friend.

With an old friend on call, it will no longer be about monotony. Even if you’re stuck in a whirlpool, your old friend is a constant reminder of where you have been, how you have grown up through different stages of life tackling all the ups and downs of your life. And that friend becomes your strength through your current tough times.

Do you have such an old friend you can rely upon, who has seen you through thick and thin, been with you in all the situations? I do have such friends and I don’t have any hesitation while making a call.

Day 24: Sign Up for a Free Yoga Class

Yoga is a form of art and exercise that doesn’t only work on your body but your mind too. If you’re going through anything bad currently, or even if you’re not, just take some time out of your busy schedule and sign up for a free yoga session.

If you are unable to find a free yoga session anywhere, rely on YouTube. I follow a beginner’s yoga routine every day by Sarah Beth on YouTube and it feels amazing to start my day with something so powerful.

Day 25: Blow Bubbles

What does it feel like to behave as if you are a child? Do you remember? Happiness. Yes. Happiness from within. Because you’re not doing something with some ulterior motive or you’re not trying to put your brains into the activity. You’re just doing it for fun’s sake.

Try something of that sort, today. Blow bubbles. Yes, and then run after each bubble to disperse them. Your heart would surely be filled with tremendous joy.

I still feel happy when I get a helium balloon on Dussehra and it’s up in the air all the time.

Day 26: Dance Around Your Living Room

Have you ever danced? Not all of us can be legends like Prabhu Deva or Madhuri Dixit. But we can at least perform for ourselves. It’s a form of expression. Dance to express yourself. This expression might not be for others, but for yourself. Use your living room space to the fullest while exercising this expression and you would be filled with joy from within.

Day 27: Build a Fort in Your House

Do you remember Joey’s fort? If you’re a big fan of “Friends”, I am sure you by heart remember all the episodes including the one where Joey builds a fort with all the boxes brought into the house while Ross shifts. At first, Chandler refuses to be a part of that fun but then he realizes that he is missing a lot.

In a similar case, you might refuse to accept this as a source of joy, but trust me, once you do this, you would start enjoying…!! 

Day 28: Pamper Yourself

Today is the day to pamper yourself. Don’t rely on anyone to pamper you, it’s your day today so you are supposed to pamper yourself. Book a spa, buy yourself a gift, entertain yourself, watch your favourite movie, visit a salon, order yourself a good meal, or invite yourself to a candlelight dinner.

My favourite part of pampering is to give my skin a massage. If I can’t feel happier, at least I can make an effort to make my skin feel better.

Day 29: Read a Comic Book

One of the easiest things that you can read. I love comic books for the fact that you can read the whole story merely by reading a couple of dialogues and then you have pictures to make it all look so interesting. Read a comic book today and enjoy the simplicity.

My favourite has been “Chacha Chaudhary”.

Day 30: Write Thank You Cards

Nothing can be more beautiful than expressing your gratitude using the Thank You cards. Your Thank You cards can stay with the other person forever as a souvenir.

Take your time today to think of people who you feel gratitude for and write them Thank You notes. You might end up getting a few of those.

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