7 Reasons why you need an Image Consultant

Published on
May 17, 2021

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You miss all of the opportunities you do not take. And when the opportunity does present itself, you want to not only recognise it but also give it your best. Yes, you have the information and its understanding. But you cannot make the most of the opportunity if you are unable to present yourself as well-groomed and professional. Your first impression has to have a certain impact. 

An Image Consultant will guide and mentor you, educating and training you on managing your appearance. Grooming, etiquette, clothing and body language altogether play a vital role to create a positive first impression. This will be helpful for you in getting more opportunities in life. Training you on your soft skills helps you perform better when opportunities present themselves.

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Not convinced?

Here are 7 reasons why an image consultant is the need of the hour. 

Image by Hardini Lestari on Unsplash

• Your style and image partner

Image consultants are trained to give you expert advice on key styles, current trends and personal colours. They will coach you on appropriate dressing sense for any occasion depending on the impression you want to make on the people you come in contact with. 

• Set you apart

Do you wish to stand out and shine? An Image consultant will help you differentiate yourself from your competition. They will help you cultivate an image that is a reflection of both your personal as well as professional goals. How others see you, and how you envision yourself, both have an impact on your professional and personal growth. 

• Dressing for the role you want

An image consultant will walk you via the process of lifestyle evaluation. This includes recognising your roles as well as your goals. Based on that, your styling coach will make suggestions for dressing for various situations. Your clothes will communicate your message of authority, stability, trustworthiness, approachability. 

• Dressing for your body shape, face shape, and personal colours.

Each person is different, and their clothing style needs are also different. An image consultant recognises these differences based on your body shape and many variations within them. Most people may not be aware of this but an image consultant is trained and equipped to identify these subtle variations. They then make professional suggestions on ways to alter the negative variations and bring forth the positive ones to create your best image.

• Do not lose the personal touch

People sometimes mistakenly believe that dressing according to an image consultant's advice will lead to them losing their personal style sense. This misconception is due to the advice of other dressing professionals who fail to keep your personal style out of your clothing solution. An image consultant, unlike other dressing professionals, can identify your personal style through various tools and their knowledge, even if you are not aware of it. They then suggest a clothing solution that incorporates the same to create an authentic image of you.

• Learn body language and appropriate etiquette.

An image consultant will help you develop appropriate body language for various roles and occasions. One of the highlight factors in visual communication is body language. Etiquette being a big part of your image, correct etiquette in social and business situations helps create a powerful image. An image consultant will help you cultivate appropriate etiquette, be it for casual dining or corporate meetings.

• If you are an organization

Not looking for personal consultation but building looking for building your brand? An Image consultant is your answer. They are trained to suggest professional and effective and solid ways by which you can build, develop as well as strengthen your corporate branding. They will give you expert help on how to project an image that is appreciated, consistently positive and reflects your company’s values.

If you haven't booked an Image Consultant yet, it's time to book right now. IM Impeccable Consulting and Training Services help you look, style and dress the part. Give us a holler now.

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