Boost Your Self Esteem with Image Consulting

Published on
October 15, 2021

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Boost Your Self Esteem with Image Consulting

Whenever we talk about self-esteem, we always look for a psychiatrist. Did you consider going to an image consultant for helping you with your low self-esteem? Have you ever contemplated that clothes can be really helpful in enhancing what you think about yourself?

If you know you’re dealing with low self-esteem issues, then you’re at the right place for a quick read. In this article, learn how you can boost your self-esteem with Image Consulting.

Before we delve deep into the takeaways, let’s first understand why do we have low self-esteem?

We all are born with a body image. The more we start growing, the more we start to learn about our body parts and features. You must have noticed toddlers struggling to find the neck and arms of the tees to squeeze themselves in the garment.

Next, when we start looking around, we observe people and their body images. Based on our environment and the people we meet, we start building our self-image. We see ourselves in relevance to what is accepted in society.

Have you observed teenagers dressing up differently to appear cool or to be more likeable to their peers? Well, they are exploring their ways to fit in, to be accepted, and to be liked by society.

A strong self-image would help you be more likeable and acceptable to others than a poor self-image.

On the basis of our self-image, i.e. how we see ourselves, we start defining our worth, our value to ourselves. This is how we define our self-esteem. Whether the self-esteem is poor or sharp, it highly depends on your self-image and body image.

Now that we understand the dependency of our self-esteem on self-image, we can try to work on improving our self-image by taking the following measures.

1. Let’s start with clothes.

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As mentioned earlier, our self-image is a by-product of our body image. We can’t change our body parts unless we go for those extreme and expensive cosmetic surgeries. But we can definitely change the way we look. 

All of us have body variations that we want to work upon. Those variations can be handled effectively using clothes. 

  • You can enhance the ones you adore the most.
  • You can camouflage the ones you don’t feel comfortable about.
  • You can set the focus of attention right by adding weight to the right body part.


2. Next, we work on the grooming.

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A little bit of hairstyle change as per our face shape can really enhance the way we look. It not only adds the flavour of your personality to the whole appearance but also, you feel confident about yourself.

Similarly, there are several aspects of grooming that add a refined look to your whole appearance helping you feel your self-worth even better.

3. Add the right kind of accessories.

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Accessories can define a great focal point of attention in your whole attire. Using them wisely can help you create the desired effect on the bystander.

When people are in awe of your appearance, it would impact your inner self, resulting in boosting your self-esteem.

4. Hire an Image Coach

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An image coach is someone who can help you understand your body shape, face shape, personal colours, personal style, preferences, personality type for the right kind of clothing, grooming, and accessories suitable to your individuality.

The whole process of image consulting brings the best out of you. Eventually, a boost in self-esteem is a given.

If you’re dealing with low self-esteem issues, and you’re not finding enough strength to work on your inner self, just open your wardrobe and start working on your outer self. 

Trust me, your outer positive image impacts your inner image positively.

To know more about the process, feel free to contact the IM Impeccable team. 


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