Image Consulting and Building Self Image

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May 11, 2021

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What is image consulting?

If you opt for an image consultation, a professional will help you enhance your appearance by bettering your personal and professional image and conduct. An image consultant will analyse how your image can have a good impact on your professional looks.

With the dawn of the age of social media and online networking, "appearance matters" is like a mantra to live by. Image consultant, trained in the ways of marketing and fashion, will guide you to hone your image, how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. Whether you are an individual or a corporation, always remember, your image matters, and an image consultant can better your image.

What is self-image?

In simple words, it is how you perceive yourself in your personal and professional life. To understand the meaning of self-image in-depth, it is what sentiments and what values and ideas you think are most strongly associated with you, what your understanding of other people may think of when they see you in a social networking event or in a professional setting. It also includes what you think are your strengths and weaknesses, flaws and capacities.

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Negative Self-Image.


Better late than never to find out if you have a negative self-image. If you do not speak up about your requirements or desires or give a voice to your emotions very often, you may have a negative self-image, thinking that you do not deserve something. Negative thoughts, negative self-talk, lack of confidence can make self-acceptance difficult.

You say sorry frequently and often and guilt-ridden for everyday actions, even for taking up space. You may feel helpless like you have no control over things or lack responsibility. Even the feeling that you do not deserve more, are not capable or have a tendency to follow along with what others are doing, wearing, believing what they are saying can be signs of low self-esteem and poor self-image.

Excessively buying gifts for others can mean you want to be accepted or please others, thinking you need to change to be better accepted in a social group or having a harsh and critical self-dialogue can nurture your negative self-image.

Impact on personal life.

You may end up having a constant battle with your emotions, and make poor decisions more often than not. Life itself may feel a little overwhelming sometimes, a burden. Crippling your self-esteem may lead you to avoid social events and new experiences, falling back into a rut, this empowering the overwhelming burdensome feelings.

This continuous cycle may make it very difficult for you to take a step outside your own little cocoon comfort zone. These actions led by your low self-esteem as a negative self-image will eventually create a psychological barrier that will reinforce your issues and problems, making them embed themselves deep in your psyche that you begin to strongly believe in your negative self-image.

Impact on professional life.

You can see the ripple effects of a negative self-image in your professional life as well. The work environment will not be comfortable, cold feet before starting new projects, fear of taking on work that will eventually lead to your professional development, all these will lead to the build-up of stress in your life. You will shy away from new experiences, start comparing yourself with others, empower your insecurities and feel worthless. You may lose your motivation with time, develop resentment towards your work and eventually not grow professionally.

With low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence, you will have trouble talking to your superiors, speak in front of an audience or deliver a presentation. Eventually, self-doubt creeps in, you begin to feel like you lack what it takes to do the job, you are not-good-enough and others are Superior to you in their professions. You may create a wall when it comes to your personal relations as well, feel insecure, be unable to say no to others and thus become exhausted and worn out.

Low self-confidence will make you draw negative conclusions about yourself, leaving you with a feeling of worthlessness. But maybe the most damaging of all effects will be when you develop an aversion to criticism. Constructive criticism helps us become better in our personal as well as professional lives. When you avert from criticism, your productivity falls along with your motivation. You miss taking the opportunities to advance career-wise due to a lack of decision making and difficulty in risk-taking.

Positive self-image.


Being comfortable with intimacy, taking up work that you truly enjoy, being honest with yourself as well as others, being responsible for the quality of your life, taking care of your physical health, encouraging others to grow into better people, avoiding negative behaviours but still having the ability to take some calculated risks all point to a positive self-image. Positive self-esteem, self-compassion, can make you assertive and feel good about yourself.

If you have a positive self-image, you are in luck because signs of self-esteem and self-esteem themselves empower each other in a cyclic manner. If your behaviour indicates positive signs, your self-esteem grows which in turn again reinforces your positive behaviour. Boost your self-confidence and try this for yourself!

Impact on personal life.

Positive relations in your life are greatly impacted by your positive self-image and self-confidence. How you look at others reflects how you view yourself. A positive view of yourself will lead you to have a positive perception of others and a positive outlook on life itself. You will have a good sense of self, self-respect, which will positively influence your self-regard.

With self-confidence, you will be at ease while communicating your thoughts and open to communicating your emotions to other people. This leads to the building of trust between you and others thus empowering your confidence and your feeling of self-worth.

Impact on professional life.

With the belief you gain from a positive self-image, you will find the persistence to keep at something that will lead to your professional growth. You will see doors of opportunities open up, where they seem closed to others. The world will be filled with possibilities. You will develop the belief that you can make something happen. This is not to be confused with delusion, but self-belief, belief in your abilities and capabilities to help you achieve your life goals and objectives.

People with positive self-image reach and cross more milestones in their professional life is proven by research too. The way you think impacts how you perceive yourself, which directly impacts your life.

When you open your mind and recognise your abilities in a particular area, you seek more work in that field. You are able to perform well, and even enjoy learning and utilising the new developments in that field. This in turn makes you better at your work, reinforcing your professional capabilities, making you reach heights in your career.

Having learned the implications of negative self-image, you would have understood the importance and need of positive self-image. Here’s how you can build a positive self-image.

How to develop a positive self-image.

Use positive self-talk.

What you tell yourself in quiet moments is referred to as self-talk. It is the inner dialogue that goes on unconsciously in our head, this is how we talk to our subconscious. The thing about the subconscious is that it believes whatever you tell it, and this can be used as a powerful tool for your betterment or become the reason for your downfall. Make a conscious effort to use positive self-talk and positive affirmations.

Use positive visual imagery.

Imagination is another powerful tool we have, visual imagery is imagining positive outcomes of different scenarios. When you focus on the positive, you believe it, you believe in your ability to achieve it, thus increasing the chances of it manifesting. This can also be used to mentally prepare yourself for interviews or presentations or situations that may make you nervous.

Take risks.

Taking calculated risks can build your confidence but the important thing to remember is, a calculated risk is still a risk and there is a chance that things may not turn out your way. But to not risk, is to not live.


Your accomplishments are how you are defined in some scenarios. Accomplish little and big things, set your own personal goals. Achieving these goals will develop self-love.

Know your strengths and weaknesses.

There are areas where you excel and there are areas you are not good at. Knowledge of your weaknesses is a strength. Knowledge of your strength will help you focus on them, thus boosting your self-worth.

Know thy company.

Choose to consciously surround yourself with friends, family and people who boost your self-esteem and confidence and have high self-esteem themselves. This does not mean people who always praise you and shower you with compliments, but those who will help you better your strengths and self-efficacy, work on your weaknesses and are not afraid to give constructive criticism.

The thing you must keep in mind is that these are general points that everyone can work on but everyone's situation is different. If you truly wish to have a positive self-image, grow in professional and personal areas as well as live a fulfilled life, you can also take the help and guidance of an image consultant.

How can an image consultant help in building self-image.

Who is an image consultant?

An image consultant is an expert in marketing and fashion; they train you to improve your self-image for social events or for achieving specific goals. Not only individual people but corporates can also be image consultant clients.

How can an image consultant help?

By definition, image consulting is focused on the impact you can make in both personal and professional lives. It uses both marketing and knowledge of fashion to work on your appearance, behaviour, communication as well as your digital footprint. We help you build a strong personal brand with the help of impression management.

We also help you improve your behavioural and communication skills. It's not only about how you appear, it's about how you make an appearance. If you are planning to take your business to the next step and you have not enlisted the help of an image consultant on your team you began by limiting your success.

Image Consultation: A Necessity in Modern Corporate Culture.

Most services do not know your goals, aspirations or your vision, they cannot share the many ways you can wear a colour or take into consideration the nuances of your body and how to find your personal perfect fit.

Take action for yourself. Don’t put the needs of your personal or professional life on hold for another day. Start every day with confidence and clarity, capturing your audience's attention and of all those who come in your way.

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How would we help?

I am Impeccable is a phrase that affirms that you’re impeccable. In order to ensure that you’re impeccable, during Image Consultation, we take you through a process of self-reflection. This process involves walking through your lifestyle, personal style, body shape, face shape, personal colours, wardrobe evaluation eventually understanding your self, your choices and your life in a better and structured format. Understanding you better, we help you build your body image, self-image, self-esteem, self-confidence and eventually self-competence. The whole process involves following 11 clinics out of which you can choose one or many as per your requirement.

  • Image Scope
  • Lifestyle Evaluation
  • Personal Style Evaluation
  • Fit and Fashion Clinic
  • ColorSense Clinic
  • Wardrobe Evaluation
  • Personal Shopping - Make Over Clinic
  • Hygiene and Grooming
  • Body Language
  • Business Etiquettes/Dining Étiquettes

Get in touch with us to know more about each clinic or book an appointment with us. Check out our services here.

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