The Power of Your Personal Appearance

Published on
July 22, 2021

Photo by Pj Go on Unsplash

Your appearance creates a point – first to you, then to others – simply by being there. “Image” is another word for “appearance.” Your image is always on the move. It can either work in your favour or against you. It can either be a huge advantage in helping you achieve your goals or a huge liability holding you back without you even realizing it. And though it is important to like what you are wearing and the way you are looking, it is of more importance to understand how this might be perceived by others and affect your life in the accomplishment of your goals.

1. Grooming and clothing have an effect on the way one thinks.

You can't afford to have negative thoughts about yourself because of a flaw in your appearance. You think more favourably about yourself, your circumstance, and others when your appearance is genuine, appealing, and fitting.

2. Grooming and clothing have an effect on the way you feel.

You can't afford to be unproductive, uneasy, self-conscious, inferior, or self-doubting. Regardless of skill or approval, a good personal image is a quick and easy way to improve self-confidence and conquer anxiety. You feel more at ease, assured, and competent when you are attractively dressed and groomed, personally authentic, and suitable for the occasion.

3. Grooming and clothing have an effect on your behaviour and actions. 

You can't afford to appear uncomfortable, vulnerable, or out of place. You can also not be rude, violent, or conceited. One of the most important ways to change behaviour and increase efficiency or productivity is to maintain a pleasant personal appearance.

You act more confident, at ease, mannerly, professional, and naturally able to do your best when you are attractively dressed and groomed, personally genuine, and suitable for the occasion.

4. Clothing and Grooming have an effect on others' reactions or responses to you.

Your physical image is the only aspect of yourself that is easily visible and available to others. It's impossible to conceal. Your physical appearance communicates a lot about your character, beliefs, behaviours, desires, skills, talents, responsibilities, and objectives. You cannot afford to be seen as rude, irresponsible, inefficient, or unproductive. Because of an unattractive, improper, distracting, or offensive presence, you can't afford to make a bad first impression.

When you look attractively dressed and groomed, personally genuine, and suitable for the occasion, you make a good first impression, and people are more likely to notice and respect your positive qualities. Finally, one situational aspect which could usually influence you and your surroundings is your presence. Consider how you can dress authentically for yourself as an individual, taking into account your physical appearance, personality, beliefs, attitudes, and interests.

Consider how you should dress for the party, the occasion. In terms of hygiene and grooming, the same advice applies. To learn how to use your grooming and clothing becomes a resource to help you behave your best in both your professional and personal lives, book a session with I Am Impeccable today. Do not wait to be able to use the strength of your personal appearance to your advantage, and contact I Am Impeccable now!

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