9 Quick Tips to Pick the Right Interview Attire for Women

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May 13, 2021

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Interview Attire For Women 

Your appearance will greatly determine your first impression in an interview. Your dress can help you portray confidence and professionalism as well as show that you are the candidate for the position. In the process of preparation for an interview, choosing an attire is a very crucial step. You want to impress and look professional. We have some tips to help you find the perfect fit for your next interview. 

Finding The Right Outfit

Before you begin to plan your interview outfit, do some research. Go to the official company website to find what their dress code is. This will also tell you how you must dress to fit into the work environment. If you have some doubts, you can contact the company’s human resource management and get some pointers on their dress code. This will help you understand what will be the appropriate way to dress for the interview. 

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Dressing Conventionally

If the fees code of the company where you are going to interview has a formal dress code, you should prefer wearing a conservative outfit from your wardrobe. A suit with pants or a skirt in a darker shade like black or navy blue. You can combine it with a blouse and minimal accessories. If you want a dress that can help you make a statement, choose stockings with full sleeves and add a blazer. 

Looking Professional

If the dress code is business casual, you should focus on dressing to look more professional and less formal. You can add slacks or skirts to the combination with a button-down shirt, blouse or sweater. If you need the dress to keep you warm, you can add a cardigan or blazer too. You can also consider a knee-length dress. But avoid jeans and T-shirts as they are too casual for a work environment. 

Opting For Neutral Colors

Whether you are finding a dress for a formal or business casual environment, always try to go for neutral colours. Black, navy, grey and white tend to give you a professional appearance without becoming a distraction. If you wish to be visually appealing, you can experiment with adding bold colours, but only in moderation. 

Selecting Footwear That Compliments

No outfit is complete without the selection of the right footwear. Even in footwear, there is a distinction between what you can wear for formal and what you can wear for a business casual look. For casual, opt for flats that have the style or fashion-forward sneakers. For formal, consider wearing low heels or leather flats. Regardless of the dress or dress code, ensure that the condition of your footwear is good and clean. 

Choosing A Professional Handbag Or Briefcase

Your purse must be professional and sleek. Try going for a handbag that is darker in colour, maybe black or brown. If it is made of leather, try to match it with your footwear or a minimal leather accessory. If you wish to carry copies of your resume or some other documents for the interview, they must fit neatly inside your handbag. If you are carrying documents, try to opt for a briefcase instead of a handbag. 

Perfect Outfit In The Making

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While planning and preparing your interview outfit, the thing you want to keep in mind is that you want to look professional as well as well polished irrespective of the job you are interviewing for. The attire does depend on the dress code of the company. But regardless of that, you must look tidy, neat and well dressed. Here are some tips that can help you put together the perfect outfit. 

A Navy Blue Blazer

A blazer and blouse combination is perfect for interviews. These are the three pieces of this outfit that make it simple but versatile at the same time. It can be paired with a blouse, button-down, or a dress. A navy blue blazer with a shirt or button-down shirt can also be combined with khaki pants or skirts. They also go well with dark jeans if the dress code is business casual. 

Button-Down Shirts

You can go beyond the limits of blue and white with button-down shirts. You can also try this piece of clothing in different fabrics or later it with a camisole. This is where you can get creative with colours. Try to find a colour that works well and makes you look tasteful and professional. While shopping for your button-down, keep in mind to find a modest neckline. For interviews, keep the bra covered as well as avoid showing cleavage. 

Blouses With Details

A blue will help you achieve the look of elegance. It can be easily worn in combination with a skirt or with slacks. You can also add a belt for the final touch that gives a pop to the entire ensemble. A skirt, either a pencil black or another fabric can help you achieve your own unique business professional look. Depending on the company you are interviewing for, you can also go for a jacket to dress up the ensemble. 

A Khaki Suit

A khaki blazer is a must-have in your wardrobe. You can pair it with a blouse or a button-down shirt. For a casual dress code, you can pair it with dark jeans or a skirt, while for a formal dress code, you can add navy blue bottoms. You can add a short with details on the collar, button it up till the top and eliminate the need for an accessory such as a necklace. You can also add a black pencil skirt for a refined and professional look. 

Black Dress And Tights

A black dress will help you refine your wardrobe. The dress should be of good quality, just skim the knees and have a structured fit. You can combine this dress with tights that are textured. The pattern however must be subtle, like sheer stripes, cable or ribbed look. If the tights resemble fishnets, they are not to be worn in the workplace. You can top this outfit with black classic heels for a formal look. 

A Sweater With Black Dress Pants

A good pair of black slacks is a good investment for all women. You must also be the owner of good quality black dress pants. These can be easily dressed up or down depending on the requirement. You can wear dress pants in combination with button-downs or blazers to get the formal look or a sweater for a casual look. You can exercise your creativity and include a top with detailing too. 

Trying A Statement Dress

Even if you want to go for a conservative and professional look, this cannot stop you from a little creativity with colours. The dress must be tasteful and the colour muted for your interview wardrobe. A perfect statement dress will eliminate the need for accessories. When trying bright colours, you must remember to keep the rest of the dress modest. Always ensure that the hemline and the neckline of your attire are appropriate. The outfit must not be short or low cut, it must be work-appropriate. 

A V-Neck Sweater And Slacks

A combination of a button-down top and a v-neck sweater will help you achieve the look of versatility. The addition of black dress pants, khakis or dark jeans is your choice. This is the right outfit if you have an interview with a startup or leave with a casual business dress code. These can help you create various looks with just a few pieces.

A Print Cardigan

Do not give up on prints but avoid anything flashy or bright for interviews. A two-tone print can give a twist to the outfit while still maintaining a professional look. This will especially help your outfit if the company does not have a formal work environment. If you wish to wear a bold print, keep it limited to one piece, with the rest of the outfit being subdued and simple. 

What To Remove From Your Interview Attire

Clothes That Do Not Fit

Loose or tight-fitted clothing is to be avoided for all interviews. Before you leave for your interview, check your attire in front of a mirror. Keep on the watch for a short hemline or low necklines. You can add another layer or have the clothes tailored to achieve that professional fit. 

Heavy Makeup And Perfume

Do not overdo your makeup or your perfume. The scent should not overpower in the room, or the worst case, cause an allergic reaction with someone who is interviewing you. Put your makeup on to look neutral but still flattering. The effective look will make you appear natural and professional. Do not use bold colours on your lips and eyes, and avoid layered heavy foundation. 

Too Many Accessories

An interview attire requires you to keep your accessories to a minimum. Choose one piece as the statement piece instead of layers of jewelry. This statement piece will work as the primary focal point, with any other accessory being subtle and conservative. 

Wrinkled And Stained Clothing

Even a single tear, wrinkle or stain on your outfit can make you look sloppy and unprofessional. This can even create a negative impression. To avoid this, you must scrutinize your outfit before your interview. Do away with any loose threads, wrinkles or stains. Make sure they are repaired or changed before you meet with the interview panel. 

Do you wish for expert assistance in planning your interview outfit that is tailored to suit your looks and goals? Or do you need professional help in finding the nit-gritties for yourself? Confused about what you should be wearing to your next interview? Have you covered all aspects of interview preparation? From professional attire tips and wardrobe selection to job interview training, we have you covered. IM Impeccable offers special training courses for Campus to Corporate transitions as well as for those switching companies. For the best solutions that are tailored to your personal needs, professional goals and lifestyle, contact IM Impeccable today and book a session! 

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