‍Top 8 Tips For Winning In Virtual Interviews

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May 13, 2021

The pandemic has led to an increase in the need to fill job openings through an online medium. Since the social distancing norms do not allow for face-to-face job interviews, virtual interviews have become necessary. Many people have taken to work from home conditions, and hence the hiring of new employees has also shifted to the virtual model. Here are some tips to help you do your absolute best in a virtual interview process and win.

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What Is A Virtual Interview?

It is a video interview for a job that makes use of a form of video call to facilitate discussion between two parties from remote areas. A video software connects the candidate to be interviewed and the hiring manager. The basic requirement for these interviews includes a computer or device with an attached video camera, a microphone, a good and steady internet connection and a headset for better sound quality. The pattern followed in virtual interviews is similar to that of in-person interviews, but there are some things you must make note of. Here are 8 tips on how to prepare for your upcoming virtual interview. 

Tips To Prepare For A Virtual Interview

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1. Testing Your Tech

How you are with technical instruments such as computers is also a skill set that managers are looking for in potential employees. Your technical skills will be reflected in how you handle your virtual interview when you are being interviewed for a position. You want to avoid any technical glitches that may arise. 

This can be done by giving a test run before the interview call. Before the interview, if you find that your video is grainy or that your audio is muffled, you might want to invest in a new webcam or microphone that can be attached to the external of your main system. You also would like to ensure that your internet connection is steady. Nothing will irritate an interviewer more than a call that suddenly drops in the middle. 

2. Keeping Your Virtual Identity Professional

In the virtual world, your user handle name or your email address is likely to make your first impression. Do not make the manager doubt your professionalism by using a non-professional email address you thought of as a joke in your younger years. This could spoil your impression even before you meet on a call. 

Try keeping your email address and user handle name simple. You can try a combination that has your first, last and middle name. If you are unable to find it try to use industry keywords. You should also avoid the use of symbols and the numbers 1 and 0. This is because, in some fonts, they can be mistaken for alphabets and make it more difficult to reach you, which you do not want. 

3. Dressing For Success

Your image as a professional is not limited to just your user name and email address. Even though the interview is virtual, you want to dress as you would if the interview was in person. You want to find your best interview attire and in the right complementary colour. You want to avoid flashy prints and accessories. They can distract an employer from your skills. How you can find the perfect interview attire is already covered in our previous blog posts. For the best in your virtual interview, do give it a quick read

4. Creating A Set

The colour of the background that your interviewer can see during an interview call should also factor into what you wear for your virtual interview. You want to find a blank neutral background to take your interview against. If you do not have any empty walls, you want to choose your home office or a similar area that looks professional. 

You want to ensure that this space is clean before you begin your video interview. A messy background will not be able to convince your employer that you are organized or detail-oriented.  You may also want to consider the lighting of the room. You should prefer to sit near a window. To ensure that your image does not appear as washed out, you want to try keeping the light in front of you. 

5. Monitoring Your Body Language

A firm handshake cannot be used to show your professionalism and enthusiasm in a virtual interview. But you can convey this through your body language during the virtual interview. You want to sit straight to show your concentration and smile. Make sure your camera is at your eye level, so you are not looking up or down during the interview. 

An employer will better remember you, and your answers if you maintain eye contact. In a virtual interview, that translates to keeping your eye contact with the camera. You want to be looking at the camera when you answer a question and not at the image of the interviewer. You can also write some key points on post-it notes and have that on the computer screen. This will prevent you from looking through papers or clicking around when the interview is going on. 

6. Ridding Yourself Of Distractions

You may have to deal with several distractions during a virtual interview that would have not been there in an in-person interview. You want to ensure that you eliminate as many of the possible distractions as you can. Distractions should not cause an interruption from your side of the call during a virtual interview. 

You want to turn off your TV, put your phone on silent mode. You can close windows to reduce the sounds of honking cars, sirens or construction going on outside. You cannot avoid all distractions, especially if you also have children living with you. But it will be wise to be as prepared as possible. 

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7. Practicing Answers to Common Interview Questions

You cannot make a prediction about what questions will be asked to you in an interview. But there are some commonly asked questions that you can be prepared for. We have already prepared a list of the 30 most common interview questions to help you prepare for your interview better. This will ensure that you put your best foot forward while venturing for a virtual interview. 

8. Do Not Overlook The Follow Up

Give a proper follow-up after the interview call as you would have done with an in-person interview. Within the first 24 hours of the interview, you want to send an email to the person who took your interview and thank them for their time in taking your interview. If you have a question you want to ask or were not satisfied with how it was answered in the interview, or there is a point you want to be clarified, this will be the time to do so. But to not ramble in the email, keep it incise and to the point. 

Winning In The Virtual World

Virtual interviews are becoming more common with the evolution of workplaces to adapt to the new norms in light of the pandemic. If you are looking for a job today, you will encounter a video virtual interview in one form or another. You want to ensure you have taken all the steps to be completely prepared so you do not have any regrets after. A successful virtual interview will ensure that you are one step close to your goal. 

Before the actual interview, employers tend to look at the online presence of potential employees as well. LinkedIn is the platform where employers tend to check out your profile and find out more about you as a professional. To better your LinkedIn game, prepare the perfect resume, be perfect in the next interview, attire and all, for solutions that are customized to your needs and goals, contact IM Impeccable today and book an appointment.

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