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June 11, 2021

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The lockdown that was introduced throughout major parts of the world has begun to ease but only sparingly. Working from home is still the only option for a majority of people. And one of the major comforts of this is the ability to dress more comfortably. This has led to an increase in the trend of waist-up styles, and personal styles are more in the focus now. Everyone who has to sit in front of a camera for video conferences is searching for the perfect blend of professional and comfortable clothing. 

If you are still in the process of finding your signature waist-up style or have difficulty finding the right outfit for your video conferences, we are here to help. The major part of your waist up style will include the following:

  • Hair Accessories
  • Glasses
  • Neckpieces
  • Earrings
  • Waist Belts
  • Tops
  • Jackets

Hair Accessories

Sometimes, to begin the day on a positive note, all it requires is that you simply take small actions to get the day started. This can include dressing up and taking care of your hair as well. If you want to avoid using hot tools for the next zoom call, hair accessories are your friends. 

Whether your hair is all over the place or greasy, a well-placed hair accessory can give you the perfect look and make your video conference-ready. Try experimenting with your headbands, hair clips and scrunchies. These small things can sometimes make a big impact on your appearance. Video conferences and Callas have replaced almost all forms of social interaction, personal as well as professional. Clips, bands, silk scarves will be your saviours on those days when blow-drying is out of option. 


The trend this year is following translucent frames with pastel shades. This will give the right amount of highlight to your eyes along with keeping the look professional and soft. The frames you choose this year should be medium-sized according to the trend. Whether you choose thick or thin frames, you can always adjust them to your tastes. 

While choosing the shape of the frame, make sure you first recognize the shape of your face. This can easily be determined with the help of your stylist or with the help of a professional. Choose a frame shape that compliments your face shape for the best look. You can also experiment with new shapes other than the usually circular or rectangular frames. 

Ensure that the colour of the lens suits the purpose of the meeting. In a professional meeting, you want to avoid dark colour lenses that cover your eyes. This should also be avoided for interviews and eye contact is important in these situations, even virtually. You also want to make sure that the lens can protect your eyes from the long exposure that you will have to your screen now that you are working from home. 


Necklaces and pendants and available in a variety of lengths. The lengths will determine where the focal point is. The focal point is where the attention of the viewer will go, and you can manipulate it with the help of the length of the neckpiece. This can become limited in the case of video conferences but still prove useful. With the help of the length of your neckpiece, you can highlight your top or blouse easily. 

The length of the necklace can easily be used to highlight the best features and enhance your look based on your body shape. The shape of the pendant that you wear should also compliment your face shape and body shape. These can be determined and decided with the help of your style guide or a personal stylist or an image consulting professional. Whether you choose an oval, square, oblong or heart-shaped pendant, make sure that it compliments you best for your next video conference. 


Give careful consideration to your earrings. They are a very important part of your outfit because they will be in the line of sight of whoever is talking to you through your video conference. The shape and length of your earnings should be chosen to compliment your face shape, your hair colour and length, your eye colour and as well as your skin tone.

Many of us may be in the habit of wearing the same earring for days, especially in the work from the home era. But changing up your earrings for your video conferences can give a boost to your entire ensemble. Remember the main focus is your outfit, the accessory is to compliment it. 

The change of earrings can add a style or bold change depending on whether you wear studs or danglers. If you haven't thought of this before, now is the time to start digging through your jewellery collection to give a positive boost to your personality in the next meeting. 

Waist Belts

If you are confused about whether to wear a waist belt or not, a good rule to follow is to include a belt when your outfit transitions from a loose top to a tight bottom or vice versa. A belt can also be helpful when you want to highlight your waist or hide some imperfections on your waistline. 

While making a purchase, keep in mind that the belt must fit you perfectly and not be too tight or loose. The length should also be kept in check so that you do not have to use the last bitch while wearing it. 

A belt can add definition to your curves and can be paired with layers as well. The zoom age has also eliminated the need for the belt to match your shoes or handbag. A belt nowadays can stand out on its own and accentuate your waist perfectly. 

If you are not sure of what type of belt compliments you best, you can try different styles till you find the perfect style for you. Or you can take the guidance of a professional image consultant. 


With tops, you cannot go wrong in choosing from classic fabrics. Purchase tops that will not easily wrinkle or damage after a few washes. Denim fabric styles can be used in various ways, having cotton, wool, linen and silk tops can give a lot of things to experiment with and come up with different styles by changing the pairings. 

Try purchasing more neutral colours. Bold prints and patterns add an edge to your look but their use can be limited. Monochromes can let you add variations while remaining classy. Make sure that the top is a perfect fit. If necessary, do not hesitate to visit your local dressmaker or tailor to get the perfect fit. Choose your neckline of the top carefully, based on the purpose of the meeting. 


A carefully selected jacket can always give an upgrade to any outfit you wear. The trend of this third layer is growing with each passing year. A third layer can be added regardless of the weather. The most common jackets are denim or leather. 

A denim jacket will pair well with a t-shirt or shirt and give that extra element of versatility to your outfit. Leather jackets are mostly preferred when you want to achieve a tough look and add a sense of attitude to the personality of the wearer. Bomber jackets have also begun to gain popularity and add a casual look to your outfit. Trucker jackets and quilted jackets are also becoming an option for convenience. 

If you want to find the best outfit for your conferences or the best style for your next important meeting to make a lasting impression even via the virtual call, contact the professional at IM Impeccable today!

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