Why is Personal Branding Important?

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April 26, 2021

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Wikipedia is showing that Personal branding is an effort done by an individual consciously and intentionally to present themselves to the common public as an authorised figure in their business field to increase their credibility, stay out from competition. This helps them in their career building and helps to increase their circle which has a huge impact. circle of influence, and make a larger impact.

What is personal branding? you are managing yourself how you want to present yourself before the public, as a common person or as an organization. In other words, you want to set an image of yours in the mind of other people. There are some tips for your private brand that will help you to be a competition for your opposition.

Step 1: Determining and prioritizing an individual's morals and interests.

Morals are very important for the way in which individuals are residing and functioning. They present you as a human being and make you realise your priorities. Your friends and family, service to the community and to achieve your goal in life, can be your value. Your inner values help you when you experience tough situations in your life.

Your values and affection have a vital role in what will have to attain in the upcoming two, five or twenty-five years, and help you find your best career. These help you to have a personal brand that suits your personality and give you a sense of self-satisfaction in your personal as well as professional life.

Step 2: Defining key traits.

What personal traits make you stand out from the others? They can be known as your typical feature and help you to form your special image. The Five Personality Traits are as follows:

  • Responding to a new experience.
  • Faithfulness.
  • Extroversion.
  • Agreeability.
  • Impatient.

Identify yourself, which is your power? Once you will be able to identify your strength and weakness, you can be able to work on making your personal brand statement, that will define the best of you, how you want to see yourself and what impact you want to put on other people.

Step 3: Developing a personal image of yourself.

Once you have identified your values, passions and your strong personality traits, start working on your strengths. Some ways to get started are:

  • Take some photographs professionally and use them in your Linkedin profile or your company profile and your job search profile.
  • Cultivate a signature for your email signature that is unique. Include all of your contact info, signature, social media handles, company and your website.
  • Dress for the part! Be prepared for any social events and meetings. Be ready and keep a blazer and formal pants or skirt always handy and ready to go.
  • Build credibility through your content. Start a personal blog, polish your Linkedin profile or use publishing tools to get your knowledge and accomplishments out on topics you are knowledgeable about.

Step 4: Defining the target audience.

It’s impossible to make everyone agreeable to you, or impress everyone, so let's not try to please everyone while building your personal brand. Defining a target audience is essential for organizations as well as individuals. You will be better off investing your valuable time and energy for an audience that is more receptive to you and thus give you the outcome you wished for.

Your Target Audience Includes:

  • The One Who Will Pay You.
  • The One Who Influences Who Pays You.
  • Your Patrons.

Step 5: Build an Online Presence.

Use Twitter, Podcasts, Blogs as well as Facebook, to build your personal brand. Secure URL domain names and social usernames, that best describe your brand before they are no longer available. This should be done for both your brand website as well as all your social networking platforms.

Linkedin is the place to meet people in your profession. It can help you improve your job standing and look for clients. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are also good to build your brand. Secure your username on these networks and start working on your profiles so that it reflects your personal brand.

Why is creating a Personal Brand important?

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You have your own personal brand even if you may not know of it. Google yourself, what comes up? These results of this Google search are the 1st impressions people most likely have of you and your brand. Is your first impression a good one? Make sure that you share information across LinkedIn and other social networking sites consistently.

Be it a date or a job interview, they are going to Google you to learn more about who you are, your weaknesses, if you are a thought-leader, what you are passionate about. This will be your first impression. With the major role social media, online reputation and the gig economy play in an individual's life, it is now imperative for everyone to embrace their personal brand.

You may be an employee, recruiter, job-seeker or entrepreneur, developing a personal brand has gained utmost importance. Nowadays those recruiting often use social networks for the interview process. A 2018 CareerBuilder survey found out that social media is used by 70% of employers to screen applicants for hiring, and 43% of employers use networking platforms to keep tabs on their current employees.

Personal branding is also important from the perspective of an employer. Companies are encouraging employees to build their own personal brands because it is beneficial for business.

To just understand the power of personal branding, let's look at some real-life examples of personal brands.

  • Oprah Winfrey: She can be considered the royalty of her personal brand. She is consistently building her brand that is now estimated to be at $2.5 billion. She provides value to the lives of her viewers. She challenges them to live their best lives and realize their potential. Her words and work have inspired her millions of viewers to become the best of themselves.
  • Richard Branson: This guy is one of the most visibly successful and famous men. The core values he has recognised to be taking risks and seeking adventure. By being true to his beliefs and acting on them, he has often gone against the conventional ideas of other businessmen. This style of his is often termed as unorthodox, and his commitment to his values and passion have made him a very compelling personal brand.
  • Marie Forleo: She is a teacher who inspires, a great writer, an innovative entrepreneur as well as a kind-hearted philanthropist. She is well known for sharing meaningful and significant content and delivering it through humour and in an engaging manner. She has her followers spread across the span of almost 195 countries. She continues to spread the message that individual change is the only way to change the world. Her website can be used as a perfect example of what a personal branding website should be. It highlights her authentic self and also reflects her drive to help other people.

Why you need a personal brand now more than ever.

People are now realising that to land a job, it takes more than just surfing the web for job listings and emailing your resumes and CVs. You can prepare all you want for common job interview questions and be ready for what you will say when asked "Tell me about yourself" during an interview.

More people are becoming aware of the important role personal brand building plays in so many aspects whether it be searching for a job or realizing your career goals. They hear this, but they don't know they can implement personal branding in their daily practices.

So, people understand that building a personal brand, its importance is non-negotiable. It is imperative that you define yourself as unique and stand out while applying for the same job as so many other people. This is going to be stressful and it is not easy to make yourself be heard above the mundane noise.

As is common for any idea that people cannot grasp easily, personal branding has also generated around itself some myths and misconceptions, and we can clear the picture up for you. It is important that you have a clear picture and not one that is fogged by myths.

Prevalent misconceptions around personal branding.

Some don't like the concept of personal branding playing such a major role in their career advancement.

This is particularly hard because the business concept is very different from the school concept and we have lived with the school concept for quite some time. In school, if you work hard, you get good grades as recognition. In the business concept, however, just hard work may not lead to a promotion. You have to be seen executing your skills and doing the work too. This can be achieved in a quiet, non-boastful and effective way through soft skills development. Soft skills are directly linked to good reputations.

Some don't want their appearance to matter.

Your personal brand is tied intricately to your grooming and dressing. A lot of companies do a lot of research into what packaging for their product will attract the most customers. The same concept extends to humans. You have to, in short, sell yourself. And your packaging is your clothing sense and self-awareness of what looks good on you and what doesn't. As the famous saying goes, "Dress for the role you want, not the role you have" just goes a mile to highlight the importance of your appearance and dressing sense and it's direct impact on the quality of life you lead.

It's hard for some to visualize the big picture.

It may sometimes be arduous to pinpoint your unique traits. Your unique selling point is at the core of your personal brand and therefore recognising and finding it is imperative. Some can focus on the details too much, this losing sight of the big picture. And sometimes, promoting their work and talking about their successful project work can be difficult.

Some don't like to self promote.

Few can naturally promote themselves, but it is far-reaching to your personal branding. It can be easier if you think of talking about your work and self-promoting, not as blowing your own trumpet or boasting to others, but as communication and spreading awareness of your expertise and skills, that you must very well be proud of, to reach those who may need your help.

Are you one among those who are caught up in the prevalent misconceptions and not able to bear the fruits of personal branding? Do you want to understand more about personal branding? Do you think that a professional help in building your personal brand could take you places? Do you want to go places and feel something is inhibiting your growth?

Personal Branding can help you and a professional Personal Branding Strategist can guide you in making the most out of it.

The knowledge of what personal branding is imperative. But what’s more important is having a personal brand that can directly impact your life, your career, your goals and objectives.

Developing a personal brand is necessary for your personal as well as professional life. To not monetize in your personal brand building is as ignorant as leaving the strongest and most important tool to rust to dust in your toolbox.

As I am Impeccable, we help you with the key aspects of developing your personal brand after understanding your goals, objectives, mission, vision and personality traits. These key aspects include -

  • Developing Your Personal Image.
  • Defining Your Target Audience.
  • Building Your Online Presence.

Check out the services here.

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