Power of Personal Appearance

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Your appearance is a statement about your personality, your way of showing your values, communicating your attitudes silently, and letting others know of your interests, knowledge and abilities. You cannot make a negative impression because it will lead to building barriers between you and other people. They may view you as inappropriate, distracting, or offensive. When you are dressed attractively and well-groomed, people begin to view you as authentic, and appropriate for the occasion. You make a positive impression and others will be able to see your positive traits and start regarding you more favourably.

Your appearance is one thing you can control. The effective way you select and coordinate your clothes, giving attention to the proper fitting is essential. You want to show authenticity, appropriateness, attractiveness, and affordability through your appearance if you want to reach your goals and objectives. You want to dress to portray authenticity for you as a person and appropriateness for the group, keeping in mind the occasion, and its purpose. To create a strong and positive first impression that stays using the Power of Personal Appearance, contact IM Impeccable today!

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