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Image Consulting

When you be conscious of your image on others' subconscious minds, you open up several doors of opportunities for yourselves by removing unnecessary obstacles coming your way.
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What is image consulting and how can it help you?

Image consultation is when a professional in the field of image consulting guides, mentors, educates and trains people on managing their appearance via clothing, grooming, body language and etiquette to create positive first impressions to get more opportunities in life and trains them on soft skills to perform better when these opportunities present themselves. These help you gain more in your personal and professional life.
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What areas do we cover?

What do you gain?

With all of these benefits, you can only feel better about yourself. You will learn about colouring, styling, your own body shape, how to invest, and in turn, your morale will soar. This affects your home life, how you act in the workplace, and even your personal relationships. Your style-over will be your first step towards newfound confidence.

The time and money you invest in these appointments are really an investment in your day-to-day lifestyle. It’s not only the way you dress and accessorize, it’s the way you appear to others and interact with them as well. If you invest in us, we invest in you in return.
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Plans and Pricing

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